Show of support for railway station campaign in Bonnybridge


Party representatives and councillors show support at campaign meeting (Credit: Stuart McPherson)

A CAMPAIGN to return a railway station to Bonnybridge has received a showing of widespread public and political support.

Reinstate Bonnybridge Railway Station held a meeting to bring together party representatives and local councillors in an attempt to establish a united front on the issue.

Bryan Deakin, co-chair of the community group, said: “Many of the residents feel this has been going on for too long and just want a station.

“While politicians claim they support us, it seems that for some this support is in theory, and when the crunch comes, in regards to moving forward with gaining funding, they seem to slow down and look for barriers that fail to exist.”

It was identified at the meeting that the next step is for Falkirk Council to commission a Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance report on the practicalities of the scheme.

The estimated £80,000 to fund the appraisal would come from the council’s economic development budget.

Elaine Smith, MSP for Central Scotland, expressed concern that Bonnybridge had been negatively affected by the lack of a railway in the village.

“Communities like Bonnybridge are losing out due to being disconnected from the rail network,” she said.

“It encourages people who commute to live elsewhere and prevents the local economy developing.

“Clearly there are infrastructure barriers to the plans but with strong support from the Scottish Government they can be overcome.”

In the 1950s the area had as many as four railway stations but the final station, Bonnybridge High, closed its doors in 1967.

Over 1,500 members of the public have committed their support to the campaign on the Reinstate Bonnybridge Railway Station Facebook group.

Bonnybridge resident Laura McPhee, a support for learning assistant at Hallglen Primary School, said: “It would greatly help the community by enabling people to commute on an alternative mode of transport.

“Life would be so much easier for people without cars, who at the moment have to rely on a sporadic bus service.”


5 thoughts on “Show of support for railway station campaign in Bonnybridge

  1. A railway would open up much more opportunities for young professionals entering the work place.


  2. Bonnybridge has grown so much since we moved here 10 years ago. There are no stations nearby where you can get onto the Edinburgh/Glasgow line without at least another 10-20 minute drive on top (we go to Croy – cheaper/better parking than Larbert and more frequent).

    Im sure people outwith Bonnybridge would also use the services here.

    Thanks to everyone campaigning for this. Sadly doesn’t surprise me that the enthusiasm from some stops when it comes to funding.


  3. A train station would be very welcome. I live behind the line and have had disruption for the past couple of years at night every night. We’ve had the inconvenience without any benefit.
    The local stations are a £12 taxi ride. Adding £24 to your train costs to g o anywhere by train. A station would make a big difference to the town.


  4. The existing transport service for Bonnybridge is poor with no option but to use your vehicle – takes over an hour to get to Glasgow by bus and there is only one an hour with the cost of that service being very high – train station would provide a very much needed service for our area bringing Bonnybridge into the 21st century


  5. Would love a train station in Bonnybridge, nights out in the City centres would be an option, as bus service at night back home are awful.


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