Bonnybridge residents face more waste and recycling cuts


FURTHER cutbacks to bin collections are set to hit Bonnybridge residents in the new year.

Villagers recently voiced their upset at Falkirk Council’s decision to change green and brown bin uplift to every four weeks.

Now budget proposals for 2017-18 could see a charge of £25 implemented for a fortnightly brown bin collection service and an increased charge from £15 to £30 for special uplifts.

Bryan Deakin, chair of Bonnybridge Community Council, said: “While I understand the council needs to make changes to reduce spending, I feel that the proposed changes will have a negative effect on the local area.

“Not all residents will welcome a charge to empty the brown bin and to save cost we are likely to see some placing garden waste in their green bins.”

Many people have expressed their anger at the increased risk of fly tipping in the area on a community Facebook group.

Falkirk Council’s waste strategy coordinator Ross Fenwick rejected the possibility of illegal dumping as a result of changes.

He said: “Households can choose to access either of the two household waste recycling centres from 9am to 5.45pm, seven days a week free of charge for material they require to dispose of.”

That could be set to change, however, as one of the proposals has suggested that opening hours be reduced by fifteen minutes and the centres close their doors to the public twice a week.

While the proposals are simply options for consideration, some people have been upset at the lack of direction from the council.

Mr Fenwick disagreed that there was a pressing need for improved communication.

He said: “We have been communicating with the public on waste and recycling since 2003 and continue to do so.

“Every household affected by the recent changes were posted information on waste and recycling requirements, and similarly received information in 2014 when there was a service change.”

Residents have been encouraged to provide feedback on the proposals.

No decision will be taken until February 2017.


Opening hours of household waste recycling centres set to change

5 thoughts on “Bonnybridge residents face more waste and recycling cuts

  1. I understand that the council is struggling economically, much like the rest of us, however, these proposals must increase the chance of fly tipping in the Bonnybridge area. Surely the cost of cleaning up after these fly tippers will cost the council just as much!

    I can’t imagine these proposals will go down well with the locals!


  2. Cecile wholeheartedly agree with the concerns about fly tipping, I travel the back road via Canada wood each morning and am always concerned about the amount of fly tipping I see there, there is a mattress gracing my morning commute at the moment. But what are the councils to do? What do they cut? There is no slack any more.


  3. This reduced collection will surely result in residents putting waste into incorrect bins which will cost the council in the long run. The council have been promoting recycling and now make it harder for residents to comply.
    The confusion over all the recent changes makes fly tipping seem inevitable. It goes from bad to worse as the council are proposing charges for extra collection. I don’t see many being willing to pay a charge, if this is implemented.
    Perhaps the council will realise the inconvenience of these changes when they are spending their budget on cleaning up the mess.


  4. I am really concerned with the opinions of Ross Fenwick, he has been to one of our meetings to explain it and this was mentioned to him, for Mr Fenwick to say this does make me question how in touch council officers are with the public.


  5. This will surely be set to be implemented across Scotland if the council deems this to be a good solution to their budget cuts, however it makes me ask the question where does this stop? Will we still have street lights changed when needed and water when we turn on our taps or will we see a cut in this because after all this is what we pay our council tax for, is it not? Does the council actually have the household in mind when making these changes? Large families and small families alike will see the negative impact in their own way.
    Also as for their solution of residents being able to use recycle centers, I have a few questions (even before the proposed time change) 1. What about the large amount of the population who don’t drive – are you comfortable with bags of rubbish being taken on public transport? That’s definitely not something I would like to see.
    2. What about those who work full time with a commute? And due to working full time have plans at the weekend to spend time with friends and family? Who is considering the common man/woman in this situation and where is the regard for their homes?
    3. Why do our council tax prices continue to increase when the things we are recieving are decreasing? That is the big question I would like answered


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