Bonnybridge residents angered by bin cuts


CUTBACKS to wheelie bin collections have been slammed by Bonnybridge residents.

The changes to green and brown bin uplift mean that some do not know when their rubbish will be picked up.

Green bins will now be collected every four weeks instead of three, while brown bins will be every four instead of two.

Councillor Tom Coleman said: “At the end of the day it’s not a satisfactory system. It was there to save a very modest amount of money of about £100,000, which works out at about a couple of pounds per household.

“It wasn’t a smart thing to do but we’re stuck with it until a better system comes along.”

People have taken to social media to voice their frustration at Falkirk Council for not warning them about the waste reforms.

Bryan Deakin, chair of Bonnybridge Community Council, said: “The whole situation has been a farce. We should have been told the plans as soon as they came up with them, not at the last minute so people are left unsure.

“The only place you can get all the information is the website and that doesn’t help people who don’t use the internet.”

Calls have been made for greater education to prevent the risk of fly tipping in the area.

It is thought that many don’t know the allowances and restrictions of the type of waste that can go in each bin.

People have been surprised to find out that dog waste can be included with food recycling in their grey bins.

Cllr Coleman added: “People will find ways of disposing stuff they can’t dispose of publicly.

“It costs the council infinitely more money to clean up fly tipping than it does to uplift bins outside people’s houses.”

Falkirk Council have not responded to press enquiries about the cutbacks.


A 2009 video from Falkirk Council explaining the three-bin recycling and waste system.


One thought on “Bonnybridge residents angered by bin cuts

  1. We have seen nothing but hassles since this has been introduced, each week more and more people are seeing yellow stickers saying their bin is too heavy or full, and more and more we are seeing bin men working extra hours to try and get the bins emptied!


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